About 3D CADD Part II

The benefits of 3D CADD modeling can be further enhanced with add-on packages which are readily available and supported by CADD modeling software. These packages not only provide additional reporting and design capabilities but also increase the speed and ease of modeling. Interferences that are detected visually in a simple model can be automatically detected in large or complex models using an application called Interference Detector. This software takes invintory of such things as steelwork, equipment, piping, cable trays, etc. and compares the files to detect if any are trying to occupy the same space. Field changes to correct interference problems have been reduced effectively to zero on projects that have been modeled this way.
This feature also allows the designer to run small bore piping, which was not cost effective with 2D Drawings, quickly and easily to eliminate the need to "field run" piping and essentially eliminate costly interferences and field changes. The piping package also produces dimensional piping isometrics and detailed Bills of Material and has an interface with other analytical packages to perform stress analysis, pressure drop calculations, etc.
In Conclusion

3D CADD modeling offers a faster and more efficient means of engineering. The advancement in PC based technology, supported by software development, provide engineers and designers with cost effective technology which can be applied to any size project. The benefits gained through reduced engineering hours, accuracy of details and fewer field changes result in substantial cost savings that are ultimately passed on to the Consumer.
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