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Brock University,St. Catharines, Ontario
Design and engineering services to convert the existing central chilled water plant system from a primary chilled water system to a primary/secondary chilled water system.

The modification program consisted of :
   The replacement of an existing Trane 1,000 ton, R11 centrifugal
     chiller with a new McQuay R134a, 1,500 ton, split compressor
     centrifugal chiller
   Addition of two 2,500 US gpm variable frequency drive secondary
     chilled water pumps
   Addition of a new condenser and chiller pumps for the McQuay
   Modifications to the tie-in to the existing thermal storage system
     to suit the primary/secondary chilled water loops.
   The development of controls sequencing for the primary and
     secondary chilled water system for implementation into the
     existing SCADA system.
Foster Wheeler Ltd. St. Catharines, Ont.
Chiyoda Corporation, Qatar Fuel Additive Company
   Civil/Structural engineering and design for boiler
     and auxiliary equipment supports and platforms
     and walkways.
   Mechanical, I&C and Electrical design and
     engineering assistance.
Supply of a complete boiler island, which included two 138 MT/HR packaged boilers for installation in a foreign refinery. Can Ecosse was responsible for all components within the boiler island boundary limits including
   Pipe racks
   Cable tray
   Auxiliary equipment such as chemical treatment skids
   Dual drive FD fan skid,
   Blowdown system, etc. where engineered, procured and supplied.
E.S. Fox Ltd.Niagara Falls, Ont.      
Ontario Hydro, Dual Fuel Gas Conversion Project for Lennox GS
   Mechanical and Structural design of the natural
     gas supply and vent piping systems including
   Piping layout and arrangement.
   Piping Stress analysis.
Can Ecosse was a sub consultant to E.S. Fox for the duel fuel conversion on Unit #1 & #2 550 MW Utility Boilers and Auxiliary Boilers, which was completed in November 1998, and also conversion of Units #3 & 4, which was completed in June 2000.  On the first conversion project Can Ecosse was responsible for the piping inside the Boiler House.  On the second conversion project Can Ecosse was responsible for all piping from the supply line tie-in point to the burner connections.  Engineering tasks included piping stress analysis to confirm acceptability to CSA Z662 standard requirements and obtaining all required variances to the Ontario Gas Utilization Code.  Extensive use of 3D CADD modelling was employed to determine piping layout.
Brock University,St. Catharines, Ont.
Physical Plant Cogenerations Design Audit
Investigation, evaluation and implementation of technical and economic design modifications to 6.5 MW Reciprocating Engine Cogeneration Plant.

Brock University,St. Catharines, Ont.
Investigation and Evaluation of Campus Utilities SCADA System (M-Net and Arc Net Network) including capital cost estimates, prequalification and tender documents for the phased replacement of exiting system.
Replacement of Campus Supervisory and Data Acquisition System (SCADA). Phase 1 included the replacement of the existing PC-based SCADA system with new hardware and software to monitor and control the operations of the existing cogeneration plant as well as the conversion of the existing HVAC building control system in the Central Utilities Building. A Johnson Controls SCADA and Building Management system was selected for the application and phased in under the direction on Brock University's in-house engineering staff with technical assistance, were required, provided by Can Ecosse Engineering Inc.
Monenco/Agra Inc.Oakville, Ontario
Canadian Agra Project Development Inc.
Lead Mechanical Engineer, 3D Modelling, Plant Layouts and P & I.D. development and preparation
Manitoba Canola Project for Canadian Agra Project Development Inc. (Phase 1 Detailed Design).  The project included the engineering, procurement and design audit of the following systems:
   Main utility plant (Steam plant, water treatment, compressed air
     and process cooling water systems).
   Replacement of 1,000-ton centrifugal chiller with 1,500-ton chiller.
   Modification to main chilled water system from primary loop
     system to primary secondary loop system.
   Upgrade of main circulating hot water heating pumps.
   Upgrade and reconfigure the existing 4160/600 transformer and
     switchgear line-up.
Combustion & Energy Systems Inc.Markham, Ont
Review of Coen Canada Documentation for Code Compliance with CGA and Ontario Gas Utilization Regulations
Kingston Cogeneration Boiler Retrofit Project.
Foster Wheeler Const.Stoney Creek, Ont.
   Engineering review and design audit of flue and
     duct arrangements and support system for
     Units 1 & 2.
   Implementing design modifications for the
     retrofit of Unit 3.
   Preparation of drawings and bill of materials for
     flues, ducts and support steel.
Modification of flues and duct to accommodate the removal of an existing Lungstrum air heater and replacement with a tubular air heater for Auginish Alumina, Auginish, Ireland
3M Canada Inc.London, Ontario
Detailed engineering and preparation of Burner and Burner Management Specifications.
Thermal Oxidizer Burner and Burner Management System Upgrade for 3M Canada Inc., London, Ontario
Inco LimitedPort Colborne, Ont
   Energy Audit and Analysis.
   Preliminary & Detailed   Engineering.
   P & I.D's & Control Concept.
   3D Model and Plant Layouts.
   Detailed Capital Cost Estimate.
   Preparation of detailed equipment
     specifications for boilers, compressors and
     associated equipment.
   Technical review and design audit of Inco's
     "in-house" engineering.
   Site inspection and equipment commission
     and testing supervision.
Decentralization of Central Steam and Compressed Air Plants at a Cobalt Refinery.

Phase 1- Cobalt Refinery Utility Plant- completed in December 1998.

Phase 2 - South Plant Precious Metals Recovery Utility Plant - completed in March 2000.        
Brock University,St. Catharines, Ont
   Overall Technical Management
   Detailed Engineering
   Mechanical and I&C Design
Implementation of a 6.5 MW Cogeneration Facility for Brock University, St. Catharines, Ont.
IMOSA (Licensee to Foster Wheeler),Caracas, Venezuela
   Project Management Services.
   Detailed Design and Specifications.
   Procurement and Shipment.
   Construction Management.
   Commissioning and Start Up.
Installation of two 143,000 pph gas fired Steam Boilers for IMOSA (Licensee), Caracas, Venezuela

Can Ecosse Engineering Inc. offers complete professional engineering services in the field of Mechanical, Electrical, Civil, Structural, Chemical and Instrumentation & Controls from the conceptual study stages of a project through to the detailed engineering, procurement, construction management, commissioning and start-up.