Can Ecosse Engineering Inc. offers complete professional engineering services in the field of Mechanical, Electrical, Civil, Structural, Chemical and Instrumentation & Controls from the conceptual study stages of a project through to the detailed engineering, procurement, construction management, commissioning and start-up.
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London District Energy Plant  
Fort Chicago District Energy Limited
Numerous engineering services including:

   Formalization of P&IDs
   Establishment of Instrument Lists
   Establishment of Valve lists
   Establishment of I/O lists
   Formalization of electrical one-line diagrams
   Establishment of electrical three-line diagrams
   Establishment of a plant control philosophy
   Development of operating procedures
   Functional Testing
   Establish Electrical Design Drawings
   Finalization of metering strategy

Can Ecosse was contracted to support late-construction and commissioning activities for the London District Energy CHP Plant.

The London District Energy Plant was a combined cycle CHP plant built under the OPA CHP RFP program. The plant was capable of:
     Over 18 MW peak output
     130,000 pph sat. steam at various pressure levels

The plant consisted of:
     One (1) Solar Titan 130 15 MW ISO Rating GT
     One (1) Rentech HRSG
     Two (2) Redundant Gas Compressor Systems
     One (1) 1400 ton absorption chiller
     Three (3) Elliott STGs
Ontario Power Generators (OPG) Lennox Generating Station
Engineering services to conduct a detailed feasibility study to assess the technical and economic feasibility of implementing a combined heat plant at the Lennox Thermal Generating Station.
The project involved a detailed feasibility study to assess the technical and economic feasibility of implementing a combined heat plant at the Lennox Thermal Generating Station. The detailed feasibility study was an extension of Lennox's a high level analysis of the facility and to further develop it to verify the economic and technical feasibility of installing a CHP. The goals of the detailed feasibility study are:

   To quantify the suitability of a CHP plant for the Lennox GS
   Select a CHP configuration that meets the operation and
     economic goals of the Lennox Generating Station.  
   To provide all information required for a final investment decision.
ES Fox for OPG Lennox GS - Fuel Oil Rail Unloading Project
Complete engineering services for an Engineer, Procure and Construction Services (EPC) contract with OPG Lennox for the design and construction of the rail car unloading facility.
Can Ecosse was the contracted by ES Fox to provide complete engineering services for the design, site services, commissioning and testing of a rail car unloading system for Ontario Power Generators (OPG) Lennox Generating Station. The new residual fuel oil unloading system provides OPG with the ability to unload and transfer fuel oil from the existing rail unloading system to the existing Day Tanks as well the existing Storage Tanks. The fuel unloading system is based on the GTAX compressed air unloading system and will have the ability of unloading two strings of up to 15 interconnected rail cars simultaneously. The fuel oil unloading system consists of a two primary process systems; a compressed motive air supply system and a fuel oil surge tank and unloading system. 
FVB Energy Inc.        
Regent Park Development Community Energy Centre District Heating System
Mechanical engineering services for flue gas and stack sizing.
Can Ecosse was subcontracted by FVB Energy Inc. to perform an engineering analysis and sizing criteria for the exhaust flues and stack for a multiple hot water boiler and gas turbine installation. The analysis also included recommend back-pressure controls for the packaged boilers that discharged into two common 250 ft. stacks. The proposed heating plant consists of:
   Four (4) 500 hp Sterling, Aquatube Series No. 5 hot water boilers
   Two (2) 200 hp, Aquatube Series No. 3 hot water boilers
   Caterpillar G3616 gas engine (future)

Ashland/Drew Chemical,Ajax, Ontario
Mechanical, electrical, I&C and structural engineering services for the preparation of study options and capital cost estimates.
Can Ecosse was subcontracted by FVB Energy Inc. to perform a study on the existing multiple boiler flue and common stack configuration to incorporate a new 14 MW nominally rated gas turbine generator set and fired heat recovery steam generator. The study consisted of multiple options and configurations including forced draft and induced draft arrangements and concluded with a final recommended configuration and layout of the combined flue gas system.
Honeywell Inc.            ForLondon Health Sciences, London, Ontario
Engineering services for the installation of a 2.0 MW back pressure steam turbine generator.
Can Ecosse was subcontracted by Chorley and Bisset Ltd. to provide engineering services for the detailed engineering, supply, and installation of a 2.0 MW back pressure steam turbine generator set, package lube oil system and local controls complete with communication interface with the steam plant Distributed Control System (DCS). The turbine generator was place into service the last quarter of 2004.
3L Filters Limited        For
Wolson Tritium Removal Facility, Korea
Engineering, Procurement and Installation of Electrical and Control Wiring.Development of control logics and operating sequence to program the control system associated with the Deuterium Purification Dryer Skid
The project consisted of the design, procurement, installation and testing of the control wiring system associated with dual desiccant dryer skid. The controls system was based on a low voltage intrinsic safe design.In addition to the control wiring Can Ecosse also developed and prepared all control logics and operating sequences necessary for the programming of the control system.
Black & McDonald Ltd.31 Pullman Court,Toronto, Ontario
Engineering services and site co-ordination assistance for the Condenser Rehabilitation program at Ontario Power Generator's Pickering Generating Plant.
Can Ecosse was hired by Black & McDonald to provide various engineering services and site assistance during the condenser rehabilitation program at Ontario Power Generator's Pickering Nuclear Facility. These services included:
   Development and design of a transfer carriage for the 16 ton
     condenser bundles. The carriage was used to transfer the 16 ton
     condenser bundle and included a hydraulic lift system for lifting the
     bundle to the proper condenser elevation.
   Temporary support system for the condenser shell during
   Design of new and replacement platforms and walkways to
     accommodate the new condenser and ball cleaning system.
   Development of various temporary lifts and platforms for
   Site co-ordination, engineering and management services as
     required during the construction phase.

Foster Wheeler Limited
Engineering services for "balance of plant mechanical design" and detailed I&C and electrical engineering for various HRSG Installations.
Can Ecosse provided complete I&C and electrical engineering services to Foster Wheeler Ltd., who is one of the worlds largest boiler manufacturers, for the Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSG). In addition, Can Ecosse also provided "balance of plant" mechanical engineering services and site engineering support services for those items that are beyond the typical HRSG boundaries. The following are some of the projects where these services have been provided:
   Mirant Corporation - Kendall Square Station
   PSI Energy - Noblesville Generating Station
   Duke/Flour Daniel - PSEG Linden Station
   NEPCO - LSP, Nelson Energy LLC
   Black & Veatch - Orion Power Station, Brunot Island
   Speco Electric Power Corp. - Nanhai Power Station
   Bechtel - Sabine Conoco Cogen. Plant
   Mirant Corporation - Mint Farm Generating Station
   Bechtel - Mountinview Power Corporation
   Duke/Flour Daniel - Newington Energy Project
   Duke/Flour Daniel - Bergen 2 Power Project
   Jacobs Engineering - City of Medicine Hat
Lakeside Controls        For
Enbridge Consumers Gas, Parkway Bell Station
Mechanical and Electrical engineering services for the installation of a glycol tube and shell heat exchanger.
Can Ecosse were responsible for the mechanical and electrical installation of a new glycol hot water heating loop on the natural gas reheat station. The installation consisted of a new variable frequency injection pump, tube and shell heat exchanger, two new expansion tanks and retrofit of one of the existing secondary circulating pumps with a variable frequency drive.
Foster Wheeler Limited             For
General Electric International Inc.Baglan Power ProjectPort Talbot, South Wales
Engineering services for the design and supply of the Boiler Controls System (BCS) and Burner Management System (BMS) for a single model AG-5250 steam generator.
The project consisted of the development, design and supply of the hardware and software programming of a boiler control system for a single Foster Wheeler packaged steam generator. The BCS consisted of a Dual Redundant Hot Standby system, based on GE Fanuc 90-70 Series PLC. The BMS was based on Triple Redundant GE Fanuc 90-70 Series PLC's. The system was designed on the GE's Genius Triple Modular Redundancy (TMR) system and configured as a fault tolerant, fail safe system to meet European TUV requirements.
Alstom Power Inc.1550 Lehigh DriveEaston, Pennsylvania
Engineering services for the piping stress analysis of four condenser piping systems to be installed at OPG's Pickering A Side Generating Plant
The project involved the analysis of four new piping systems to be implemented on the new No. 4 Condenser. The new piping system was analyzed along with the existing piping back to fixed points (nozzles or pipe anchors) in accordance with ASME B31.1 requirements.
Foster Wheeler Limited             For
Shanghai Secco Petrochemicals Co. Ltd, Shanghai, China
Electrical and I & C engineering services for the boiler island. This included:
   Design and development of documentation for
     a Triple Redundant Burner Management
   Design and development of documentation for
     a Foundation Field Bus Boiler Control System
   Design and supply of cable tray, cabling,
     junction boxes, etc.
   Boiler island grounding.
   Boiler area lighting.
   Specifications for instrumentation and controls.
   Vendor drawing reviews.
The project consisted of the development, design and supply boiler island electrical and Instrument and Control systems associated with three (3) model SD-36/22 multiple burner steam boilers capable of producing 220,000 kg/hr of steam at 10.8 MPa and 510 oC. The boiler was designed to fire natural gas, propane, diesel oil as well as multiple process waste streams form the refinery process.

The scope of work included, dual electric motor and steam turbine drive forced draft fan, pressure lube oil system, sootblowers, chemical injection skid, fuel skids and low NOx burners, flues, ducts and exhaust stack, piping and valves, pipe rack to boiler island boundary, instruments, junction box, electrical cabling and cable trays.
Chorley & Bisset Ltd.
The University of Western Ontario, London, Ontario
Engineering services for the expansion of the physical plant upgrade that include the addition of a single 1,600-ton chiller and 100,000 pph package boiler.
Can Ecosse was subcontracted by Chorley and Bisset Ltd. to provide engineering services for the supply, installation and commissioning of a 100,000 pph package boiler and new Distributed Control System (DCS). This was the first phase of the University's steam plant expansion and upgrade program that will add one new package boiler and replace three other existing units. In addition to the boiler replacement the existing boiler controls will be phased out and integrated into the new DCS system implemented in this first phase of the program. The first package boiler was placed in service June 2003.
Ford Motor Company Powerhouse
Windsor, Ontario
   Design audit of power boiler natural gas supply
     piping and burner trains for conformance to
     CSA B149.3 and NFPA 8502 codes.
   BMS functional review.
   Engineering of piping and valve train
     modifications and additional safety limit
     controls for BMS.
   Preparation of TSSA Field Approvals for fuel
     train and BMS modifications.
The burner trains and main valve stations for the three tangentially fired, high pressure boilers were modified from their original B149.3, Figure 24 arrangement to an NFPA 8502 double-block-and-bleed arrangement.  Additionally, new safety limit controls including high steam pressure and low instrument air pressure switches, and new probe type water columns with high and low cut out relays are to be added to the boilers.  The above conversions were completed on Boiler #5 in 2001.  Conversion of Boilers #3 & 4 was completed in mid 2002.

University of Western Ontario

Ashland Chemicals

Brock University - Cogen

Brock University - Utilities

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